15 January 2012

A new name

I changed the name of my blog!

It is now a phrase in Spanish; "Lo que quiero decir". In English, it means "What I want to say" or "What I mean is..."

Now that I'm not living in Ecuador, life is...different. Not bad at all. Its the natural progression for my life, and I love the direction I'm going in now. But my life isn't as exotic-sounding as it was. So, "Experiences at the Equator" really didn't fit it anymore.

This new title fits me in my current place in life. My blog is just that: what I want to say about whatever is on my mind.

What I'm thinking about now is the trip I just got back from: a 2.5 week journey through Turkey, and a whirlwind trip to Israel, finishing with a brilliant, fleeting three days in the Baha'i World Centre. And all of this done with Elika.

I was so lucky to be able to do this for my winter break. There are so many moments I want to recap, but I'm writing this during the commercials for the Golden Globes, and I don't think I can accurately talk about it without mimicking the sappy acceptance speeches on TV.

So, another time. For now, I hope everyone adjusts to no-more-vacation, back-to-school and that they enjoyed the break as much as I did.

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  1. Valerie! I like the name because it is acceptable for any place in your life. It is also in Spanish, which is awesome. Also, we need to skype!!! MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!