26 August 2010

Packing, an update.

This is what I will be living out of the next 10 months! (plus a few items that need to be added...mental note, NEED SWEATPANTS) and, like, a first aid kit. But the Big Black Bag (Which I've named Triple B) isn't even in Extended Mode, or Expanded Mode, or whatever. It can get bigger, meaning I will be able to fit everything in! How wonderful!

In other news: It's my birthday in approximately 40 minutes! I'm very excited. I just had a wonderful birthday with some wonderful family friends, and although it was bittersweet (more sweet than bitter) because its the last time I'll see them in a long while, I had a wonderful time.

Actually, I'm looking forward to my last weekend here. My goodbyes so far have been good. I'm not one for emotional, "I'll never see you again!" blubberings (although, for my part, I have had many emotional blubbering goodbyes) and the people I've said my final goodbyes to have been happy. Tinged with sadness, but happy.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the Fair (And yes, I meant to capitalize it.). The Alaska State Fair has been an integral part of my growing up. Since the first time I went to the Fair at less than two weeks old, its kind of represented a mile marker on the road of life. I'm a year older, another Fair. Sometimes there's new stuff (shout out for my boss' CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON at the Alaska Original Gourmet Ice Cream!) and sometimes its the same old same old (see: Ferris Wheel; Big Vegetables) but its a constant in my life. I think going to it will bring some closure to a Fair-filled summer (I've worked at Fairbanks' and Kenai's state fairs already) and some closure to my life in Alaska (possibly forever!).

The rest of my time here will be spent with my family, minus my sister, who is going to be a beast and race in Skyview (GO CORI!) and friends (Spotlight on ELIKA www.elikaa.blogspot.com who is traveling North to Fairbanks tomorrow!) and mentally preparing for the big journey.

And even more than the journey, I'm preparing for the SERVICE. I cannot wait! I'm actually excited to meet the kids I will be teaching (and for those who know me, this will come to you as a surprise.) I will get so much of a new experience!

So, adieu, my fair readers! I'll be getting some beauty sleep, so my first day as a 19-year-old is without bags under the eyes!



My room looks like a hotel room.

Okay, its shaped differently. It doesn't have the weird slatey curtains, and I left a few posters on the walls. But (except for my books, which I couldn't bear to part with) all of my stuff is in one of three piles: "Ecuador"(the smallest pile), "College" (stuff I can't take in my baggage allowance but will want at Lewis and Clark, i.e. sweatpants and sweatshirts and more shoes), and "GET RID OF" (which is pretty self-explanatory).

The feeling of being PACKED (or at least organized as a prerequisite of packing) is exhilarating. Its nice to think that we can finally have a guest room in the house. Its nice to know my materialism doesn't extend to packing every single thing I own into an array of large boxes in order to recreate my room EXACTLY how it was, clutter and all. Its nice to vacuum without moving anything.

It also makes me aware of the fact that in 5 days, I WILL BE NOT IN THIS ROOM ANYMORE. Which is a scary feeling. I mean exciting, but scary.

I'm ready to leave, don't get me wrong. I said goodbye to some friends today, and it was like yeah, this is hard, but I've been expecting it and I understand that its hard, and I'm accepting it. No big. I am ready for this transitional period to be over, and for me to start service! But with the closure of cleaning--emptying--my room, its like, at this moment, I don't live anywhere. And that is kind of a freaky feeling.

Overall? I just feel weird

So I'm going to take out my contacts, put Charlie to sleep, and get some sleep in this hotel room. Because tomorrow is a big day, and the next few days will probably be an emotional roller coaster, full of weirdness and excitement and sadness...

23 August 2010

Cute moment, late at night:

Cats 1 (Olive, the black lump) and 2 (Lucy, the multicolored lump) being adorable.

Yes, I know I sound like a crazy cat lady. But these two make me appreciate life's little moment's that make you go "awww." And then, you think about how amazing it is that these two cats used to hate each other, and you go "awww, yeah!" for your cat mediation skills.

I'm gonna miss them when I go to Ecuador. Just sayin. I'll miss people too, and probably more, but still.

Crazy cat lady is going to bed now.