27 January 2011

2o de Basica Cheesy Pie

Grate White Cheddar cheese into the bottom of a baked pie crust.

In a separate bowl, mix eggs, ahí, and Carrs macaroni and cheese. Pour mixture into the pie crust. 

Sprinkle tuna fish and bread crumbs over the top, bake. Serve hot with a cup of milk and iceburg-lettuce salad. Ketchup optional.

25 January 2011

I Miss My Emotional Twin Pie

So, I am halfway through watching The Waitress. And despite a mediocre, predictable plot, Nathan Fillion stars in it, and the main character (that girl from August Rush) spends her life making and inventing pies. And I really like that idea. Sadly, I have neither the resources or the time to create a new pie every day. But I can invent one, and on nights when I can't sleep, I can make miniature versions out of clay and record the recipes here for when I have an industrial-sized kitchen with gleaming stainless steel countertops and knives that will actually cut through a fruit. And here is the first pie:

I Miss My Emotional Twin Pie

First you take equal parts strawberries, mora, and blueberries, but they have to just be ripe, so that they're still sour. Mix those up and simmer with sugar and a liberal amount of lemon juice. Put the berries in a crust but leave some of the juice out.

Mix cream cheese, caramel, and egg whites to make a cream to go on top, but it should still be runny enough to fill the pie plate around the fruit. Drizzle the juice over the top.

Add a lattice crust and sprinkle with lemon zest. Brush with egg white before you put it in the oven.

Elika, I miss you.

Ode to Jugo De Mora

Okay, so this isn't a fruit (It's actually a fruit derivative, to you calculus fans) and it isn't a mystery. But it is DELISH DELISH DELISH. It probably just became my favorite drink--even on top of chocolate milk.

Here is the experience of Jugo de Mora:

Yeah, I know. It looks like a third-world blood donor bag. But they don't really use cups here, at least not when you buy things at a tienda. Instead, juice, milk, and yoghurt come in plastic bags. And I'm not going to lie, it was pretty difficult getting used to ripping a hole in the corner of a bag and sucking out the juice like some type of fruitarian vampire.  But now I really like it. And mora, or blackberries, are so delicious. Whoever decided to start eating this fruit is my hero, and Ecuadorians are my hero for having jugo de mora, yogur de mora, and fresh mora everywhere. Hooray for mora!

24 January 2011

A sporadic photo booth moment

Hey! New socks!

In other news, I love ebooks, especially ones called Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta, who is probably my literary hero.

In even other news, I was forced to buy bubble gum (they don't accept credit cards if the purchase is less than 10 dollars) at the supermarket, and have I mentioned how much I love bubbles?