11 February 2011

New Life Goal

New Life Goal: Learn French. Here's why:

The best breadstuffs ever. With amazing names. Baguette? Croissant? Delish.

Amazing architecture
The tour de France. With amazing people.

Crepes. Enough said.

Zoe, I love you.

Dan Brown books take place there. Also, is this beautiful or what?

Its so FRENCH!

Sick days, and why they suck.

In the past 48 hours, I have spent 26 of them asleep.

Usually I would be ecstatically happy about this: Over half my day sleeping? Hurrah! But because this was coupled with nausea, dizziness (to the point that the act of sitting up necessitated grabbing on to something), throwing up (EW) and stomachaches, dampened the usual euphoria of sleeping 12 hours straight.

Do not be alarmed. I am (mostly) better now. I had the wherewithal to get dressed, brush my hair, make my own breakfast (still 96% liquids) and check email. I can stand up without being dizzy, and walk from room to room without grasping the walls like an invalid. But I just wanted to say, I hate being sick. Especially when it means that my colegio students, who I have 3 times a week on a good week, will spend two of their days doing nothing, because I am not there to teach them. Especially when it means that other people have to take over my classes, which makes it a lot harder on the other people to accomplish their daily tasks. And especially when I am not even having a good time doing stuff that usually I would be dreaming about when I am at school (i.e. sleeping, skyping with parents, taking a shower, drinking copious amounts of water and hot tea). Sick days suck.

In other news, Maryam had my prebasica students "write" a card for me. Of course, because they are 2-4 years old, they"wrote" by tracing their hands, and then they wrote "te quiero Valerie--Hanny/Mati/Nandy/Sarita/Yazid/Kendy/Jayli etc" inside their hands, with Maryam's help. Adorable, huh? And I don't care how disruptive they are in class, when they're yelling "te quiero Valerie" over and over in class, its impossible not to love them.