29 September 2011

It also makes me happy...

So, some things from last post's Happylist that people have commented on that may need some explaining:

The folks at Nerland: You know how in Jellicoe Road* they have Houses (also Harry Potter, but this relates more to the ones in Jellicoe Road) and each house has a 'personality'? Well, Nerland has this quirky, strange personality. Their programs inevitably include My Little Pony. When you're there people randomly ask you to model for photos and then bring you flowers (which, I'll admit, was a little creepy. But in a sweet, slightly socially-awkward way.) Also, Nerland is home to Morgan, which is reason enough to put Nerland on the happylist.

Liver and Onions: This came out during a campus devotional we were having. We were talking about topics for next week and I said it didn't really matter what the topic was because I'm interested in basically everything. My lovely friend Jamie then replied "Even Liver and Onions?!" And then I thought about it. And you know what? Liver is really cool. How many vitamins and minerals (good source of IRON, people!) and the form that its in? Or its function?! And then you think about how people have evolved to eat liver. And then, from a whole different angle, you can explore the flavor profile of the liver, and learn why it tastes better with onions, and why the onions taste better when they've been carmelized instead of sweated. And you can think about the taste buds and how they react and the social reactions to liver and the cultures in which liver and onions is a staple food and GOSH.

Yes, its interesting. It can blow your mind, how interesting something is. If you think about it.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who commented! Here's part 2:

It Makes Me Happy (cont.)
22. Snow!

23. Engaging required reading

24. Poetry slams

25. Brett Dennen's lyrics

26. Pure Empower Mint

27. Vegetarian Cooking

28. Twinkly lights

29.  Vlogbrothers proposals

30. Serendipitous encounters

31. Phone conversations with good people
*Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. If you haven't read it, go read it now. It trumps every reading. Homework reading. Newspaper-after-momentous-event reading. If you told me "Sorry, I can't read your blog because I'm reading Jellicoe Road" I will totally understand. And forgive you. And commend you on your reading tastes.


  1. Ok ok, I get the SUBTLE hint. Also, I really like that you are fascinated with liver, because I get fascinated with lots of things like that in biology when I study the nitty gritty details, LIFE IS AMAZING!!!! It also reminds me of 7th grade when we put liver in hydrogen peroxide (I think) and it bubbled and was all gross, but then I remembered that you weren't there in 7th grade, I hope you got to do that experiment at some point, it was pretty sweet.
    IT SNOWED THERE ALREADY!!!??? no fair. The leaves are all still green in boston...
    Can you give me some good vegetarian cooking recipes? That would make me happy :)

  2. It Makes Me Happy???? Not a bad blog title... by the way